AccuData’s Core Values

“AccuData is not just a company, we are a family. Since joining AccuData in 2001, I’ve had the joy of learning and growing with each member of my team. And now as CEO, I have the honor of leading a truly amazing group of people.

For our most tenured staff, I’ve been part of your most important life changes: weddings, births, your kids’ graduations. I’ve laughed with you, I’ve cried with you, and I’ve shared moments with you that I will never forget. You mean the world to me and I’m honored to serve such professional, hard-working individuals. You make my job easy.”

~ Bree Verrengia, CEO

AccuData’s 2017 Core Value Honorees




Our customers benefit most when we work together and share what we know. When our customers succeed, we succeed.

Jennifer Cole, Teamwork Core Value Winner

“The embodiment of TEAMWORK can be seen in this individual and the way she leads in the most professional and upbeat manner. In the early months of seeing her team struggle during their transition to a new platform, this always positive leader rallied the department, as she lead the way in migration stats, and continued her leadership and sales responsibilities. Her focus on the long-term benefits and moving her team toward a common goal is why Jennifer has been selected for this Core Value award.”

Jennifer joined AccuData in 2011




Our products and services represent our best work, always.

Celeste Penacho, Excellence Core Value Winner

“In a down year, it can be difficult to find bright spots. One of our brightest was the continued excellence of this individual. Not only did she grow her book of business by 150% and over $600,000, she finished as a finalist for the CEO Sales Cup. Most importantly; however, has been her growth as a salesperson. Her dedication to her clients is the definition of EXCELLENCE – our products and service represent our best work. Celeste did that (and so much more) and is quite deserving of this Core Value award.”

Celeste joined AccuData in 2007




Understand customers and respond to their needs. Utilize our unique capabilities to serve them and deliver the right solution.

Eileen Blake, Alignment Core Value Winner

“Alignment is to understand customers and respond to their needs utilizing our unique capabilities. This year’s recipient has demonstrated creativity combined with an ability to implement projects marketing for both AccuData and AlumniFinder. She continually strives to boost marketing performance, making her the perfect choice for this award. Her efforts have improved lead generation and brand recognition for AccuData.”

Eileen joined AccuData in 2016




Bring meaning, integrity, and value to your work so it provides personal satisfaction and growth whenever possible.

Jill O’Rourke, Relevance Core Value Winner

“The next winner of the RELEVANCE award is always willing to assist whenever needed, without hesitation. She goes above and beyond what is asked of her. She not only gets the task at hand completed in a timely manner, but also anticipates your needs and provides more than what is asked. Her skills, knowledge and attitude are a great asset to the AccuData team. Thank you, Jill, for your dedication, hard work and commitment.”

Jill joined AccuData in 2011




An MVP touches all parts of an organization and resulting from their participation, direction, and deft skill, a stronger company emerges.

Tony Festa, Core Value MVP Winner

“An MVP touches all parts of an organization and resulting from their participation, direction, and deft skill, a stronger company emerges. Our 2017 Most Valuable Player is a team leader that has driven forward the successful launch of a major new platform, while working to integrate new technologies into existing tools and troubleshooting/enhancing our extensive product line. His dedication to his team, responsibilities, and company earn Tony Festa the MVP award.”

Tony joined AccuData in 2005