AccuData’s Core Values

“AccuData is not just a company, we are a family. Since joining AccuData in 2001, I’ve had the joy of learning and growing with each member of my team. And now as CEO, I have the honor of leading a truly amazing group of people.

For our most tenured staff, I’ve been part of your most important life changes: weddings, births, your kids’ graduations. I’ve laughed with you, I’ve cried with you, and I’ve shared moments with you that I will never forget. You mean the world to me and I’m honored to serve such professional, hard-working individuals. You make my job easy.”

~ Bree Verrengia, CEO

AccuData’s 2019 Core Value Honorees




Our customers benefit most when we work together and share what we know. When our customers succeed, we succeed.

Colleen Saenz, Teamwork Core Value Winner

“At times, we all need a helping hand and this team member is frequently just the person we need. In addition to ensuring that the needs of her department are met in a timely fashion, she actively seeks out opportunities to assist other departments that are running behind or are short-staffed. Additionally, she takes on a key role in assisting new team members within her department to feel welcomed and well-informed. This team member approaches each opportunity to make difference with her trademark positivity and smile. We are pleased to award Colleen Saenz with our Core Value award for Teamwork!”

Colleen joined AccuData in 2005




Our products and services represent our best work, always.

Maikol Henriquez, Excellence Core Value Winner

“This employee comes to work each day and gives 150% to his work, his team, and his clients. He is always willing to take on more, keeps a positive attitude, and embraces change with a smile. He strives for excellence and his attention to detail and the work he produces shine through. This employee has received numerous “Kudos” over the past 12 months from both our employees and clients. He has been with AccuData for just over a year and continues to impress! Congratulations to Maikol Henriquez, our Excellence Core Value award winner!”

Maikol joined AccuData in 2018




Understand customers and respond to their needs. Utilize our unique capabilities to serve them and deliver the right solution.

Stephanie White, Alignment Core Value Winner

“This team member began as a Client Services representative and quickly moved into a more advanced role. She’s quick to adapt in the most challenging of situations. Her dedication to her clients has surpassed our expectations. She’s worked weekends and while away on vacation to facilitate her client’s needs and meet deadlines that have impacted revenue, including reviewing and completing a $100,000 project for Karen Eads over the holidays. She puts her clients’ needs first because she values their relationships and strives to provide top notch customer service. 2019’s Alignment Core Value award is presented to Stephanie White!

Stephanie joined AccuData in 2018




Bring meaning, integrity, and value to your work so it provides personal satisfaction and growth whenever possible.

Chris Hauser, Relevance Core Value Winner

“This team member took on numerous challenges in 2019 in order to help the organization with compliance and efficiency. She continues to provide consistent support and counsel for our contract needs, both with our clients and our vendors. She is helping to plan our ongoing data security policy and needs, which includes understanding the available resources and best practices for the organization. She also took point in rolling out an updated version of SOS and one of the largest initiatives in 2019, continuing in 2020, AccuData’s CCPA compliancy. The legislation is very fluid, changing frequently, and thus requiring a great amount of research and knowledge. This team member drove the operations and technical pieces needed for our continued compliancy. We are pleased to present Chris Hauser with the Core Value award for Relevance! ”

Chris joined AccuData in 1997




An MVP touches all parts of an organization and resulting from their participation, direction, and deft skill, a stronger company emerges.

Valerie Prudente, Core Value MVP Winner

“In 2019, our MVP contributed to AccuData in many ways. When their team was shorthanded, they were asked to take on projects and responsibilities they hadn’t had previous exposure to. This included two short notice trips, one of which resulted in 50 Facebook campaigns for a single client valued at nearly $200,000. This team member also played a crucial role in highlighting new digital trends and tactics a significant AccuData client should implement in 2020. Throughout the end of 2019, they drove a series of training initiatives for the Service team to help them fulfill and manage Facebook campaigns and to finish out the year, they provided input on AccuData’s 2020 digital product strategy. We are extremely pleased to announce that AccuData’s 2019 MVP is Valerie Prudente! ”

Valerie joined AccuData in 2017