AccuData’s Core Values

“AccuData is not just a company, we are a family. Since joining AccuData in 2001, I’ve had the joy of learning and growing with each member of my team. And now as CEO, I have the honor of leading a truly amazing group of people.

For our most tenured staff, I’ve been part of your most important life changes: weddings, births, your kids’ graduations. I’ve laughed with you, I’ve cried with you, and I’ve shared moments with you that I will never forget. You mean the world to me and I’m honored to serve such professional, hard-working individuals. You make my job easy.”

~ Bree Verrengia, CEO

AccuData’s 2020 Core Value Honorees



Our customers benefit most when we work together and share what we know. When our customers succeed, we succeed.

Brian Barrett, Teamwork Core Value Winner

“Brian exhibits an exceptional work ethic and demonstrates teamwork daily. He is a true powerhouse when it comes to getting the job done; Brian continuously leads our metrics as a top producer. In addition to all he does, Brian constantly volunteers to do more. He has single-handedly supported the Gold team all year, while handling his own book of business and serving as a backup for the AlumniFinder team. Brian, we are so appreciative for all that you do!”

Brian joined AccuData in 2006



Our products and services represent our best work, always.

Bethany MacKay, Excellence Core Value Winner

“In all things, Bethany leads by example. She excels at selling across files, services, product lines, and customer verticals. Our total number of Clone Models company-wide in 2020 was 15 and Bethany was responsible for 10. While the rest of the company finished 2020 with a 72% versus budget average, Bethany finished the year with 97% versus annual budget. She joined the $4MM club in 2019 and repeated this incredible accomplishment again (and in the middle of a pandemic!). Bethany always makes time for her team, clients, and projects, while wearing multiple hats with ease and her trademark smile. We are thrilled to present Bethany with our 2020 Excellence Core Value award!”

Bethany joined AccuData in 1998



Understand customers and respond to their needs. Utilize our unique capabilities to serve them and deliver the right solution.

Ravali Biravolu, Alignment Core Value Winner

“Ravali consistently works her hardest to ensure that the needs of AccuData’s internal and external customers are met with accuracy and efficiency. As the sole developer on one of our largest client databases, Ravali rarely encounters a situation where she needs help. She has worked countless hours on nights and weekends to ensure that deployments and solutions function property and meet, if not succeed, the client’s expectations. And if that weren’t enough, she reaches out to see if there are other projects she can help with. Ravali is the full embodiment of Alignment.”

Ravali joined AccuData in 2016



Bring meaning, integrity, and value to your work so it provides personal satisfaction and growth whenever possible.

Tori Ellison, Relevance Core Value Winner

“This past year presented itself with a multitude of challenges; some exponentially more critical than others. While we all felt the effects, Tori, in particular, operated under an incredible amount of pressure. In addition to overcoming all obstacles, she single handedly secured our team and their compensation. She worked tirelessly to quickly fulfill the many requirements to secure AccuData’s PPP loan. We cannot express how immensely grateful we are to have Tori as part of the team and leader for our financial stability. We are truly blessed to have you as part of AccuData. Thank you for your hard work, it does not go unnoticed!”

Tori joined AccuData in 2009



An MVP touches all parts of an organization and resulting from their participation, direction, and deft skill, a stronger company emerges.

Anne Semrick, Core Value MVP Winner

“You could not have worked at AccuData in 2020 without Anne touching some aspect of your work life. In addition to daily leadership for the largest team at AccuData, 2020 saw Anne making significant contributions organization wide; she was instrumental in determining what a Covid work environment would look like. She worked tirelessly with Human Resources and the Executive Team to plan for and execute a successful office re-entry program including management of the extensive safety protocols. In such a difficult year filled with physical, mental, and personal financial setbacks, Anne pushed us through using her incredible positivity. Thank you, Anne, for all that you do!”

Anne joined AccuData in 2006